Organic, free-form tanzanite ring.

Organic, free-form tanzanite ring.

Fluid, organic free-form ring with tanzanite. Inspired by the fluidity of nature (spirit moving through matter). 14k white gold.


We can help you create a contemporary engagement ring by adapting one of our existing designs or we can work with you to produce a totally unique piece.

"For custom work based on my free-form collection customers usually start by picking out their favorites, and then describe what it is that they like (and don't like) about these. As an example, would they prefer to see stones set in open areas or on more solid, wider, broader surfaces, would they prefer bezels or prong settings, with pave set stones or without, do they like the drawn out tails that I create, would they like more or less of them and do they like the little spheres on the ends or would they prefer these lines just blend and disappear into the surrounding material.


I then create a collection of waxes, email images of these, and have you pick out your favorite. This wax is then cast into the desired metal, and then the stones set." Read more...


Organic, free-form tanzanite ring.

To create a unique custom engagement ring based on this look, in 14k white, yellow or rose gold the price would be $2,620, in 18k $2,920 and in platinum $4,980  (These prices do not include stone, please call for stone details and options.)

To create a similar look we could work with a stone size of  1/2ct to 2 1/2ct.

We can work with your stone, or I can provide the perfect stone for you.
Rare, colored diamonds,  Canadian diamonds and a wide variety of colored gemstones are also available.


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