Large, heavy skull ring.

Large, heavy, skull ring.

Large, heavy, skull ring. Sterling silver with patina.


Large, heavy skull ring (profile view)

I make this ring in 5 sizes. By size I'm referring to the overall proportions not to the ring size. For each the overall look is the same, just scaled up or down. The largest weighs approx 23.7 grams and measures 26mm from the bottom of the front teeth to the top of the head where the back of the head meets the finger. This ring is quite large and really makes a statement but it needs someone with a large hand and a ring size of at least an 11 if not a 12 or 13. In sterling the price for this ring is $400.00.
The next size down is 25mm and sells for $360.00, the next 24mm $320.00, the 23mm $280.00, and the smallest 22mm $220.00.
All prices include sizing and are in Canadian dollars.     

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