Headstones Ring

Headstones Rings - 22mm & 17mm

Headstones Ring - Large 22mm, Sterling H with 14k yellow gold snake, rubies set as eyes.

I now make three sizes of Headstones rings.
The large size, 22 mm high, is the ring that I was originally commissioned to make by Hugh Dillon and the rest of the Headstones over 25 years ago. This is also the ring that Hugh Dillon wore on the cover of their Picture of Health album released in 1993, and the ring that was worn by Bill Tallent (Callum Keith Rennie) in the 1996, feature film, Hard Core Logo.


Small - 17 mm Sterling Silver $220.00 CAD / $170.00 USD or with ruby, sapphire or emeralds in the eyes $300.00 CAD / $235.00 USD.

Medium 19.5 mm $360.00 CAD / $280.00 USD or with ruby, sapphire or emeralds in the eyes $440.00 CAD / $340.00 USD

Original Large 22 mm $490.00 CAD / $380.00 USD or with ruby, sapphire or emeralds in the eyes $570.00 CAD / $440.00 USD

There is also the option of having the snake in 14k yellow gold, please contact if interested.

(U.S. pricing will fluctuate according to daily rate).

Headstones Ring - Bruce McDonald - Director - Hard Core Logo

Headstones Ring - Callum Keith Rennie - Hard Core Logo - 1996

Headstones first album - 1993

It was during the time of this production, I was commissioned by Hugh Dillon, to cast this ring for both his director, Bruce McDonald and co-actor, Callum Keith Rennie. This ring was never marketed through their web site, it was just made up for the Headstones band and friends of the band.
Hugh Dillon also asked me to make up one very special casting. It has a sterling H, with a 14k yellow snake and rubies set, for it's eyes.

Late in 1993, I was also commissioned to make a smaller more affordable version, 17 mm
high, to be offered through their web site.

Headstones rings - Small 17mm and the large 22mm.

Headstones Ring - Medium 19.5mm

For the headstones 2013 pledge drive, in promotion of the new album Love + Fury, I created a medium-size ring 19.5 mm. This ring they offered as the men's version. They also offered the small, 17 mm, as the ladies version.
I also created a Headstones pendant. For this I use the top of the original Headstones ring (large 22 mm) and hung it off of a chain.

Headstones Ring - Medium 19.5mm

Headstones pendant from large Headstone ring.

Busy working on Headstones rings. - the pledge drive - Love + Fury.

If you're interested in making a purchase, and would like pricing information based on the various sizes and materials (silver, gold or platinum - stones etc), please E-mail or give me a call. My toll-free is 1 877 844 8743 or in the Toronto area 416 944 0134.

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