Celtic Wedding Band Set

Celtic Wedding Band Set


8th to 9th century style, Celtic wedding band set.

Gents Band:  14k white gold.
Ladies Band: 14k yellow gold
Matching engagement ring: 14k rose gold with green garnet and diamonds bead set.
All bands are 5.5mm wide with patinas.

Gents band - $1,995.00 CAD £1,180.00 GBP or $1,495.00 USD

Ladies Band - $1,795.00 CAD £1,060.00 GBP or $1,350.00 USD

Engagement ring - $2,545.00 CAD £1,505.00 GBP or $1,915.00 USD

(British Pounds & U.S. Dollar prices will fluctuate according to daily rate)

Bands are also available in or 6.5mm, 8mm wide and 10mm wide with patinas. To place an order or for pricing, please call or email. Our North American toll-free number is 1-877-844-8743. (10 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST – (Eastern Standard Time.)


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