Gallery: Metamorphosis the Jewellery Gallery


Only three blocks from the Charles St. shop, James opened this second location, to showcase a new style that he had been developing over the last several years. This new style one could only describe as being contemporary art nouveau jewellery. Art nouveau was a very fluid style that in the 1890’s flourished in France, England and Germany. James likes to describe his contemporary art nouveau as “spirit moving through matter” The Bellair St. location had a very interesting cliental. Over the next ten years James created jewellery for musicians like Alannah Myles, Hugh Dillon from the Headstones (Headstones Ring), and Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones. Also actors like James Spader, Omar Epps and Christopher Lloyd. James was even commissioned to help create a line of pendants (MyTime) for the actor/painter Anthony Quinn, reproducing some of his more famous paintings as a line of jewellery.

Posted on June 1, 2004 .