Retail: Metamorphosis the Jewellery Workshop


This was a very unusual retail shop. It’s decor, a subterranean grotto, complete with water elementals, was inspired by classical Greek mythology. (Ovid’s Metamorphoses) Metamorphosis has always been a trend setter. The jewellery was inspired by mythological and mystical symbolism from almost every tradition. This shop had a very informal and creative atmosphere. People would be milling around, checking out the various displays and then at the same time glancing over a counter view the open workshop. In the workshop were several jewellery benches with James and other artisans working. Spontaneous conversation would arise leading and developing into long lasting relationships. In the twenty two years of creating custom jewellery at this location, Metamorphosis never advertised, Just word of mouth, friends telling friends.

Posted on February 1, 1996 .